Nilai International School Malaysia

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Nilai International School Malaysia

The Mission of Nilai International School is to develop all-rounders that have an outstanding academic track record, a broad co-curricular program, significant community involvement as well as a technology-driven education atmosphere. We aim to provide the highest percentage of students accepted to university. We are committed to improving the school’s facilities and its curriculum. We’re committed to providing pupils with exceptional behaviour and character. To this end, we will also work in the direction of enhancing the school’s cultural of social responsibleness.

Nilai International School

The school is situated near situated near Multimedia Super Corridor, Nilai International School Malaysia is located just 15 minutes away from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Students are also able to access Nilai International School via the KLIA-Sepang Elite Highway or the North-South Expressway. The students can count on much more than just a good academic track record. In addition, they receive a comprehensive education.

Alongside providing a world-class education, Nilai International School Malaysia has a strong Asian as well as Malaysian tradition of culture. Staff at Nilai care about and committed to providing their students with an education that is of the highest standard. They use academic resources and technology that has been proven to help students be successful. Nilai International School Malaysia offers both the English National Curriculum as well as Cambridge International Curriculum programs. Alongside this there are classes that are taught in Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, as well as Islamic Studies.

Being a part of the British prestigious Boarding Schools’ Association, Nilai International School Malaysia has top-quality education and British qualifications. The child you enroll will earn a Cambridge International School diploma that can prepare him for further study. Students learn about global issues , and recognize the diverse nature of our planet. Nilai has a strong commitment to the promotion of international citizenship. Here are some advantages of Nilai and the reasons you should apply.

The Epsom College is another independent school that offers international education in Malaysia. The school is located at Petaling Jaya and is a member of the Council of British International Schools. Founded in 1946, the school has developed into an academic establishment which has over 50 nationalities. Graduates of the school are bilingual or trilingual. It operates two campuses in Petaling Jaya and employs 80 percent of its faculty who are from overseas.

Heritage International School

Heritage International School’s goal is to foster a culture that is tolerant and open and help students become world citizens. The school strives to offer a well-rounded education for students and develops a clear sense of personal responsibility and high achievement. Additionally, it strives to facilitate the growth of moral and ethical principles which are essential to an international citizen. At Heritage International School, students get to experience a range of educational experiences which enable them to be well-rounded in their studies.

Heritage International School is committed to the overall development and overall well-being of each student. It promotes active involvement in emotional, social and academic activities. Students develop into accountable citizens in society and embrace the principles of high self-esteem and integrity. This nurturing environment helps students be leaders who could improve their local community. This means that they can better prepare themselves for the challenges ahead. Heritage International School is where they begin their educational journey. They carry on with classes and activities that are extracurricular and academic.

Heritage International School was founded in 1994 by missionaries. It is a strong advocate of the concept of multiculturalism. It offers an International Primary Curriculum and a variety of academic options, including Advanced Placement to the American High School Diploma. It is a well-respected institution within the local community and got very good feedback from its students. The school is well-accredited from The Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges (MSA) as well as The Association of Christian Schools International.

Vikas International School

Vikas International School is a coeducational school with classes from kindergarten through tenth grade is part of Vikas International Schools. The school was started by Professor Dr. S. Gunasekaran in 1996. The school provides an excellent learning experience to all students. Due to the small student-teacher ratios, teachers can monitor every student’s progress. Additional activities, such as dancing, public speaking and creative writing are encouraged.

The VIS community is a community made up of people who are dedicated to increasing global interconnection and understanding. They are directed by the principal, vice Director, and Coordinators. Beyond academics, the school emphasizes the importance of cocurricular activities as well as a wide range of opportunities for cultural exchange. VIS is home to distinct dance and music rooms along with a hostel as well as the medical clinic. VIS fosters an international mindset in students and encourages co-curricular pursuits such as Taekwondo, art, and sports.

EtonHouse International Preschool Melaka

The EtonHouse Preschool International Melak campus is situated in Melaka, Malaysia. It provides a truly international educational experience. Its curriculum is challenging, and is designed to aid children develop academically, physically mentally, emotionally, and intellectually. It is based on internationally accepted best practices and seeks to build the whole child. Children of any nationality can enroll at the school, starting at 18 months, and up to six years of age.

EtonHouse’s Preschool International Melakak was founded in the year 2016. The school is an international school that caters for children from three to 18. The school offers boarding and day care along with a wide range of academic classes designed around the internationally accepted international Primary Curriculum. Secondary school is a place where students can prepare for the IGCSE and GCSE examinations. The IBDP exam is also provided for students.

Charterhouse International School

Students applying to Charterhouse International School Malaysia must be able to demonstrate academic excellence in addition to a commitment to personal growth and service to othersand leadership at the school. Charterhouse’s character traits of empathy along with creativity, and leadership should be displayed. These are just a few of the factors that Charterhouse is looking for in prospective students. This school is a great alternative for students looking for the best education available. The academic curriculum of the school helps prepare students for their Cambridge International A-level examination.

It was established by a team of British education professionals in The UK, Charterhouse International School Malaysia has a rich history of quality and excellence. It is dedicated to enhancing students’ abilities as well as their personality, and cultivates a sense of being part of the larger community. It aims to satisfy the varied requirements of the young students while contributing to the greater community. Charterhouse Malaysia hopes to establish an institution of education in Malaysia and develop the leaders of the to come.

Charterhouse Malaysia is the Carthusian first school established located in Malaysia offering a wide academic experience for its students. The staff is experienced in teaching subjects at the A-level and can provide guidance on university and career paths. The school also offers sport and community-based outreach programmes. The academic standards at Charterhouse Malaysia are quite high. This means that students should demonstrate academic excellence on tests at the national or international level. The students must not just be exceptional academically, but they must also show a sense of responsibility and determination.

Greenview Islamic International School

In Petaling Jaya, Greenview Islamic International School Malaysia is an exceptional blend of Islamic culture and the latest in education. Teachers focus on fostering positive attitudes and promote the value of education. Greenview Islamic School’s positive teaching method and ideology helps students to build a self-confidence and also an awareness of responsibility. The students have the chance to discover their interests as well as improve their thinking abilities.

The school offers classes in both secondary and primary levels. Although the Bangi branch is located in a mall, Shah Alam is in an entirely separate building. The name might not be accurate, but it’s predominantly Malay. Greenview actually has students who are Malay. It is a popular choice among many families from Malay-Muslims located in Malaysia that are worried about bad influences in the digital world.

Greenview Islamic International School Greenview Islamic International School offers students an education that has an Islamic base, in addition to English instruction. Greenview students benefit from an international education and is taught in a manner that integrates local cultures. The educational programs at Greenview are designed to prepare students for their future challenges. It also is a registered Cambridge center. This guarantees that English can be learned by students, and lets them balance the international and Malaysian environments. This ensures that the students receive the most comprehensive educational experience along with a solid base of Islamic principles.

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